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Massachusetts Divorce

Massachusetts is in a class by it self when it comes to divorce in terms of fairness and predictability. Lets take a closer look at some court rulings on alimony and child support.

  • Judges have awarded alimony in divorces involving short term marriages.
  • There have been a divorce case where the new wife had to work at a second job to help pay for the husbands alimony obligation to his ex-wife.
  • If you ask a judge for an alimony modification because of a recent illness, job loss, or retirement, the judge could consider your new spouses income as well as yours to help determine whether a modification to an existing court order is warranted.
  • A judge has awarded alimony payments higher than what the payer makes.
  • Alimony can continue into retirement.
  • The majority of alimony payers in long term marriages are men paying their ex-wives between 30% - 40% of their gross earnings.
  • Men have gone to jail for not making alimony payments after having lost their job.

The state statute for alimony is so vaguely worded that judges have considerable discretion in awarding alimony.

Child Support
  • If for whatever reason your income drops, you can apply for a modification to reduce your child support obligation. However, the judge can turn to your new wife's income and assets to determine your ability to continue your child support payments at their current levels.

Divorce Lawyer

Massachusetts has earned a reputation as the lifetime alimony state. Judges have considerable discretion in probate courts and answer to know one. If there is one state in which to hire a divorce lawyer or attorney to protect your interest, it would have to be Massachusetts.

Attorney Robyn A. Briatico & her network of affiliated attorneys and lawyers invite you to contact them at 617-387-6800 or complete and submit the Divorce Contact Form to schedule your free 20 minute phone consult. When you send your message, it will shortly appear on Robyn A. Briatico's Black Berry cell phone. She will promptly return your call to set up an appointment as soon as she is available to do so.

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